The balloon

Do you know the difference between the Hot air balloon and normal balloon?

One day I was with my friend to watch over the hot air balloon fest.

That I day was comparing the Hot air balloon and normal balloon which we normally see in the party. What I see is that the Hot air balloon requires more time and manpower to set up, needed a lot of Air(a hot gas either) so that it is needed lot of time before to fly and can’t go whenever he wants to go because there is someone who control it’s fly.


While the normal balloon can easily be set up, needed small amount of air so it can fly on the short period of time and can fly higher that no one can control it’s fly so it can go anywhere.
But when the air slowly running out from the balloon the Hot Air balloon cannot back exactly to it’s original position due to the surroundings affected it’s fly but can it landed nearby and safely. While the other balloon even it can fly higher it never been back to it’s original position since no one control it’s fly and he even don’t control itself he just go whenever he want without knowing that he may experience strong winds and storm. He also thinks that no one is waiting for his return but then he may “never been back to it’s original position”.


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